November 10, 2016

 Globalway, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masato Kakamu) develops Globalway Ventures, an internet investment project for Asian markets, Career Connection, an information platform for the working population, and Voxer, a cloud-based business application for corporations. Globalway is planning to invest in code2LAB (Headquarters: Singapore; CEO: Min Zeya Phyo), which develops and provides cloud-based services to restaurants in Myanmar. Through this investment, Globalway is expected to obtain 30% of code2LAB shares.
Note: code2LAB provide services within Myanmar throught a subsidiary in Myanmar.

Presentation by Min Zeya Phyo, CEO of code2LAB, and Interview with Kakamu Masato, CEO of Globalway [Only English]

Aim of Investment in code2LAB

 Globalway Ventures, a project to support entrepreneurs in Asia that was announced by Globalway in June 2016, is planning on investing in and purchasing life event-related and lifestyle-related internet companies in the Myanmar market. The investment in code2LAB will be the first venture in the Myanmar market. Myanmar, located in between China and India, is an important point for trade that links South Asia and Southeast Asia. By 2030, nominal GDP is estimated to more than triple. The promising market is expected to rapidly expand.

 code2LAB, which is growing in the Myanmar market that is garnering attention, is a leading company that provides SmartSales, a management platform that offers a reservation/client ledger system and electronic fund transfer system tailored to businesses such as restaurants, spas, and karaoke shops. For restaurants whose numbers have been increasing along with economic growth, the conventional POS system is expensive and requires a long adoption period, placing a significant burden on restaurants. On the other hand, code2LAB provides SmartSales, a simple, affordable system that uses smartphones and tablets to significantly contribute to streamlining business management at restaurants.

 code2LAB plans on releasing DOE Mal, which can help attract customers to restaurants by providing word-of-mouth communication and coupon information targeting consumers. DOE Mal enables consumers to check the reputation of restaurants and make reservations. In addition, coupons issued by restaurants at which reservations are made can be utilized on smartphones.

Information on code2LAB

Company Name:
October 2012
No. of Employees:
Provides solutions to restaurants, spas, and hotels utilizing innovative technologies
Primary Services:
SmartSales, a mobile/tablet-based restaurant management solution;
DOE Mal, a smartphone-based restaurant word-of-mouth communication and coupon site (scheduled for release in early 2017)

Visual Introduction of SmartSales

Information on Globalway

Company Name:
Globalway, Inc.
October 2004
Career Connection, a platform that handles company word-of-mouth information, employment information, news, etc.;
Voxer, which offers development of cloud-based applications for companies, license sales, adoption support, and technological support;
Globalway Ventures, a project to support entrepreneur in Asia

Globalway, Inc. PR: Muroi