About Us

Message from the CEO

Globalway = New Technology + New Business Model + Global Market

I incorporated Globalway, Inc. under the idealism “To provide the world dreams and excitement through our own service”.
As a general service for subscribed users, we created Career Connection, which is a platform for employees.
Career Connection increases the transparency of companies, and at the same time, has succeeded to become a service used by many employees and job hunting students as a platform of information exchange. In addition, as corporate service, we developed a cloud based application called Voxer, which brings change to the process of product development. Voxer is implemented by leading mail-order companies and internet companies.
We remain committed as ever in our focus to provide the best service and application to our customers, and will continue to focus on value creation for our both individual and corporate customers to further expand our market leadership.
Please look forward to the future of Globalway.


Kakamu Masato
Globalway, Inc.

Managing Philosophy

Be A Maverick Innovator


Globalway will provide unique services by making full use of latest internet technology, and create values for a happier future for people all around the world.


Contribute to people’s lifestyle and business innovations of companies.


Passion Creation Innvation

Business Objective

The best internet service provider throughout Southeast Asia and South Asia.


  • With passion, we will make the best use of inventiveness, and provide services that will deeply affect our customers.
  • We will aim to bring mutual prosperity among our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and all of our cooperators.
  • We will support individual initiatives, provide opportunities to challenge, and duly evaluate results.

Code of Conduct

  • We will continuously improve customer service with passion and pride.
  • With pioneer spirit, we will focus on technical innovation and continuously create new services.
  • We will always be grateful and modest, and make sustained efforts in self-development.
  • We will value trust, and at any time, act in good faith.

Company Profile

Company Name
Globalway, Inc.
Address of Headquarter
1-7-3, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013
October 2004
Number of Employees
68 (as of July 1st, 2016)
Board Members

CEO:Masato Kakamu
Director:Nobu Watanabe
Director:Keiichi Yamamoto
Outside Director:Masayuki Kuroda
Full-time Auditor:Takanori Naoi
Part-time Auditor:Hideo Shimoyama
Part-time Auditor:Yojiro Nakayama

Social Web Media
Operation of a platform which consists of company reviews, career opportunities and news regarding companies.
“Career Connection”

Business Web Application
Services such as internet business application consulting, system planning, software designing and development, implementing solution and system maintenance after go-live to support our customers’ global expansion.

External Authentication



1st Bldg. 1-7-3 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013

5 min. walk from JR Hamamatsu St. North Exit

5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Ooedo St.




Kakamu Masato



Watanabe Nobuaki



Yoshino Hironori


October 2004
Founder Masato Kakamu established the company
January 2006
Company name changed to Globalway, Inc..
November 2006
Capital becomes 33,160 thousand yen by allocation of new shares to a third party.
April 2009
Launched Career Connection, an information platform for workers which consists of company reviews, job opportunities and news regarding companies.
March 2010
Capital becomes 48,160 thousand yen by allocation of new shares to a third party.
January 2011
Entered into an agency agreement with Google Inc. related to our Business Web Application service. Started providing a cloud based software as a Google Apps Reseller.
February 2012
Gained ISMS ISO2700 certification on a company level.
March 2013
Entered into a solution provider partner agreement with NetSuite Inc. related to our Business Web Application service. Started providing a cloud based ERP installation service.
January 2014
Entered into OEM application partner agreement with Salesforce.com, Inc. related to our Business Web Application service. Added a service utilizing Salesforce’s system infrastructure to the Voxer service lineup.