2016.05.16 "Career Connection" started a Shelf Registration Service in which students are able to register to multiple job hunting sites at once.


May 16, 2016

Globalway, Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masato Kakamu, Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers: Security Code 3936), the company that runs the company reviews site Career Connection started Shelf Registration Services under the partnership with Benesse i-Career Co., Ltd, Athlete Planning Co., Ltd, and mybase Inc. in a full scale from May 16, 2016. This service is developed for students who are looking for jobs, and users are able to register for multiple job hunting sites at once.

Used by many new graduates seeking for jobs who consider working environments and conditions as important factors
Career Connection (http://careerconnection.jp/) consists of three services: “company information that includes company reviews/salaries”, “career development support service” and “Career Connection News.” Approximately 790,000 people have registered with the site. The general working population has been the main user but it has been a popular website that lists company reviews, and 60,000 students register to the site annually. 75% of the users are students from highly ranked schools such as national and public universities, Waseda, Keio, MARCH schools, etc.

*1…Number of registered members (includes discontinued members) as of April 2016

As the public starts to acknowledge the word “Black Company”, the number of students who consider working environments and conditions as important factors are increasing. It is difficult for the students to grasp the actual condition by just attending an orientation sponsored by the company. Students are starting to register for Career Connection which was mainly intended for workers wanting to switch careers, to see what the company is really like.

Currently, there is a function where students can register for multiple recruitment support sites (recruitment service for new graduates) within “Career Connection”. This function was under a trial stage, but in order to help students understand the reality of the company and to further support their job search activities, we have decided to release the function in full scale.

・DODA new graduates Employment Agent (Benesse i-Career Co., Ltd)
・Athlete Planning (Athlete Planning Co., Ltd)
・Mybase (mybase Inc.)

“Career Connection” has been a “Platform for the working population” mainly supporting career changing activities but our plan is to expand our business to the new graduates’ job search activities. The company’s goal is to support all areas of job search activity. In addition to improve the registering function above, we look forward to increase the number of partnerships as well.



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