The Japanese cloud solution provider Globalway, Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; CEO:Kakamu Masato) and the leading provider of business optimization platform Domo, Inc. (Head office: Utah, United States; CEO: Josh James) announced they have concluded a contract for a business tie up.


 With this alliance, Globalway starts providing Domo’s Business Optimization Platform in Japan. Also, Globalway could make the solution more special by adding their Integration Service which they have achievements to their credit in this field.
 In the future, Globalway will provide more services in the data optimization area to make customers’ business more success.

The aim for this alliance

 One of Globalway’s business vision is “to enable the business automated and self-service”. It means enabling automated business process will increase their productivity. Also, Globalway will enable the self-service business platform, not only for IT admin in the company, and make their business decision and process faster.

 The Business Intelligence is usually difficult to understand and complex to use for employees who are not a data analyst. Domo’s concept is to allow all employees in the company could use the Business Optimization Platform simply. This is not the Data Analytics Tools (such as the Data Discovery Tool) for data scientists. All users could see the data and status of business simply and easily.

 In Addition, Domo provides the ETL function (called the “Magic ETL”) without extra cost, and it will gather the data from the marketing, CRM, and sales management applications. Globalway has a lots of success cases of the data integration services. They could include the service in the implementation service for Domo.

The features of Domo’s Business Optimization Platform

 Domo’s Business Optimization Platform has the main three area for the automated and self-service data; connecting (Hundreds of pre-build connectors), preparing (called the “Magic”), and visualizing (called the “Card Builder”). Also, users could get the deep think and shared knowledge about the data, so actual meeting will need less by the collaboration function. Of course, the platform could be used with a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop, so users can
access the data from anywhere anytime.

About Globalway
Globalway provides services to make the company and people’s life better. For the company, Globalway has “Voxer” to promote company’s cloud based business application. For the consumer, Globalway provides “Career-connection” as the information platform for all working people in Japan.

For more details, visit https://www.globalway.co.jp

Globalway, Inc. PR Assistant: Muroi
E-mail: gw-pr@globalway.co.jp